Golden Clover Roulette (Gtech)

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While it may be very true that there are many different varieties of roulette, with each company offering different versions of a standard game – none of these can quite compare to Golden Clover from Gtech.

When you think of roulette, you think of a table full of different betting options and a roulette wheel where the ball will spin around to produce a winning outcome, but you don’t get that with Golden Clover Roulette. If you consider yourself to be lucky and always look for lucky numbers or symbols, Golden Clover Roulette could be perfect for you.

The Golden Clover Roulette payouts have been increased since its release, now offering a maximum winnings of 42,000.

Golden Clover Roulette (Gtech)

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What’s so special?

Golden Clover Roulette is very different to what you are probably used to – there is no roulette wheel at all, instead the ball travels around a four-leaf clover shaped wheel. Due to the wheel being a different shape, players have a few more betting options to choose from.

You will find your betting table to the right of the ‘wheel’ with numbers 1 through to 26, a single zero and an X. The middle of the clover offers four sections, this is where the zeros and X symbols are placed. There are two single zeros and two X’s opposite each other.

Red and black – that’s what you are used to with roulette right, but with Golden Clover Roulette from Gtech, the colours have altered somewhat to green and orange.

Betting options and odds

Due to there being more options and a different shape of the ‘wheel’, there are better odds offered too. You will be able to place bets on the standard European roulette options, such as odds or evens, red or black and so on – but there’s additional bets offered also including being able to place your bets on the north, east, south and west corners of the clover.

Single straight bets return 35 to 1 on standard European roulette – but with Golden Clover Roulette, straight up bets return 43 to 1.

Is it the same?

With a roulette wheel, you get to see the ball spin randomly around the wheel that is moving in the opposite direction, but with Golden Clover Roulette, the ball rolls around a totally different structure, so looks almost forced opposed to rolling freely.

Bets offered

Players can choose to place bets on numerous betting options, such as; colours (green or orange), dozen bets, odds or evens, columns, sections (north, east, south or west), zero or X, straight up bets, double numbers, three numbers, four numbers or six numbers.

Due to there being four sections to the middle of the ‘wheel’, payouts are slightly larger than normal. If you were to place bets on the centre sections you can expect a return of 10.5% on your stake.

Mobile gameplay

Golden Clover Roulette can only be accessed via a desktop or laptop device.

US accepted players?

Residents of the US are restricted from playing this version of roulette.

Other games by software provider

Gtech offer a huge catalogue of gaming options, these include casino games, lottery, poker, bingo, slots, table games, instants and keno. Popular titles offered include; Aloha Roulette, Americana, American Roulette, Card Roulette and Blackjack Super Sevens.

What we think

The design is basic, but anything that allows players to think they are bringing luck to their game is great. In our opinion, Golden Clover Roulette is nothing like the game we’ve all come to know and love – it’s a basic version that doesn’t offer the same experience and excitement as playing a real roulette wheel.

There is no demo version of this roulette game on offer, so you will have to play in the real money mode.

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